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DamAge - Thirteen Moons

   The global village has been razed.

   Shadows of Armageddon recede and a world without borders is reborn.  Like the American pioneers of the 19th century, survivors struggle to imagine life beyond the next mountain range.  

   In the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, the profits are flowing for H2O Inc., a business dealing in potable water.  Contamination of natural sources by man-made disaster has created the company's unquenchable thirst for greater volumes and unadulterated forms of the resource. 

   Blocking the company's path are scattered remnants of human society.  From the basalt scablands of Central Washington to the cedar forests of the Idaho Panhandle, isolated tribes of people must learn to trust each other again to avoid the same mistakes made a half-century earlier.   The task of building this trust befalls a reluctant warrior, an incorrigible horseman and a beautiful mariner.  

   It will take all three to unify the tribes, but only one to lead them all. 

DamAge - Insurrection

   The United States is in trouble.

   Election of a populist president has led to the lockdown of borders, limits on free speech, and attack on  natural resource laws in order to jumpstart economic growth. 

   To ensure no one stands in its way, the American government adopts a program known as Motherland.       The new agency charged with implementation of the program is hunting  homegrown terrorists bent on destruction and sabotage, especially those with sights on destroying the nation’s dams. Billy Lake is the federal official tasked with neutralizing environmental radicals in the Inland Northwest and has seen firsthand the destruction, but he has also witnessed the irreversible impacts of increasingly unbridled government power.

   The winds are changing and Billy must take a side.  The survival of his country and family, including his son Lake Entiat, depends on it.

DamAge - Deliverance

   Hope Glengary is missing.

   Jalene Harris and her company, H2O,  is gaining power in the west and has designs on extending control  inland to capture the water resources it so desperately needs to make a profit.  Only a untied tribe can turn the tide and protect what is needed to mend the damage inflicted by years of environmental catastrophe and war.  Lake Entiat and Batum Schrag make a stand at Grand Coulee.

   Both a geographic and ideological chasm remains between the tribes and unless the gap is bridged soon, the chance of finding Hope, defeating H2O and rebuilding their world may be lost forever. 

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